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Bluetooth earphone calls or listening to songs are stuck or disconnected

possible reason:
1. The Bluetooth earphone is battery low, causing the Bluetooth earphone to not sound.
2. The Bluetooth earphone is too far from the phone or has obstacles in the middle.
3. There is a problem with the Bluetooth signal of the phone.
4. There is strong signal interference nearby, and the Bluetooth earphone will be disturbed?

1. Charge the earphone as soon as the power is low.
2. The Bluetooth earphone should be as close as possible to the mobile phone. If it is far away,There should be no obstacles in the middle
3. Please do not hold the Bluetooth earphone with your hand. In order to maintain the continuous stability of the signal, please try to keep the Bluetooth and the mobile phone in the same direction.
4. Don't have metal items near the phone, try another place.


1. When using Bluetooth, the earphones should be as close as possible to the mobile phone, not too far away.
2. There must be no metal or other objects that affect the wireless signal between the phone and Bluetooth.
3. In the high power and strong signal environment will affect the use of the effect