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Different of Earphone and earbuds

   Earphones can be either head-mounted or ear-hook depending on the size, attached to the ear or cover the entire ear, and the earplugs must be placed in the ear. In general, the larger of size, the higher will sound quality.  the sound is more beautiful and natural . Moreover, the earphones are more comfortable , less irritating than earplugs.

   Different sizes of earplugs have different experiences and feelings during use. Now, when purchasing Bluetooth earphone online, manufacturers usually give earphone caps of various sizes to suit the user's own ear size and environment..

   In the wearing experience, the large earplugs mean far from the eardrum, but the low volume is small, while the high
 frequency tone is obviously improved, and the sound is not feel so dry and noisy. And the large earplugs will fit better with the ear canal, but the ear canal will have a very tired feeling when worn for a long time. But its benefits are: soft and lubricious touch, reduce skin irritation, close to your ears, external environment noise the insulated well not bad , very suitable for sports wear, especially for use on loud buses, fitness venues, subways.