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Earphone History

In life, headphones can be seen everywhere, headphones from invention to now, but also with the development of science and technology. But its history and development may not be too much understanding, then today, let’s go  to look at those yellowed old photos! The world's first music headset was invented by German scientist Eugene Bayer (Eugen Beyer), a German scientist specializing in the research and development of the "electric transducer" (dynamic transducers), at an electronics company in Berlin.

In 1924, in order to deliver the music to people's ears, the young Bayer used the technology on theatrical speakers and other similar devices.

 On Aug. 18, 1937, Yogan Bayer applied the movable ring transducers used in the theater speakers to a miniature loudspeaker he invented, and fixed them to something that could be worn on his head. Send the sound directly to the human auditory organ-the ear, the world's first mobile-ring earphone was born-BeyerdynamicDT48!

That day, Bayer invited friends to the Berlin fever house to listen to the opera Aida ("Aida"). But the friend came to the burning room, only to see the record player, no amplifier and loudspeaker trace. By the side of the record player lies an unknown object with an earmuff on each end, and it can sing. The sound from the earmuffs is not only very good in sound quality, but also without the murmur of the telephone, the drumming and the strings of the chirp, which is the most wonderful performance by Aida. What's even more surprising is that the band width of the DT48 headphones has reached the 16Hz-to-20kHz standard, which is unthinkable in terms of the technical conditions of the 1930s, and on this historic day, People saw the birth of the Beyerdynamic DT48 headphone, which was called Berlin, and set a world record.

In the 1930s, German intelligence and Gestapo even used it to detect unrecognizable voices from other headphones, obtaining valuable information. In 1950, Beyerdynamic launched the world's first stereo headset-the DT48S, hit the world again. Its landmark contribution to professional radio, audio and video work has been recorded in history.

Today, headphones have already developed into wired headphones and Bluetooth headphones, and a large number of headphones of various styles have poured into the market. Dongguan Yuntesheng has also joined the earphone market in the early days, and occupies a position in the international earphone market. And obtained a variety of product patent certificates.