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What is the correct way to wearing earphones

   The correct way to wear the earphone is to wear it from the back of the ear, rather than wearing the headset directly on the ear. The ear-worn wear is mainly to solve the problem of the stethoscope effect. Stethoscope effect is common in in-ear headphones, that is, the earplug wire or unit is subject to external collision or air friction. The vibration generated is directly transmitted through the earplug wire (the wire in the ear is generally hard, which is favorable for conducting vibration) and is transmitted to the ear canal. Very unpleasant rubbing sound..

   With the ear-worn method, the volume will increase by about 15%, and the earphones will not fall easily. However, although the volume has increased, but some people have said that the sound stimulation has increased, and those with sensitive ears may not like it. In-ear earphones are similar to non-ear earphones, but they are used differently.Non-in-ear earphones are hung between the ear and the external auditory canal, and the in-ear earphones need to be inserted into the ear canal, just like the cork of the bottle, completely closing the ear canal. If it is not plugged, the sound will be affected, especially the low frequency sound, and you will hear a lot of noise. The sound of the in-ear earphones is very loud, you need to turn the volume down so that the texture of the bass is better. At the same time, users are more likely to immerse themselves in the world because of their better sound..

   After reading it, is there a little surprise, it turns out that the earbuds are the way to wear earphones, but when using earphones, you still need to master the "60-60" principle, that is, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume when listening to music, continuous listening time Do not exceed 60 minutes, and choose the right earphones so that you don't have hearing loss.

Finally, in fact, no matter how you wear earphones, you must first wear them comfortably and conveniently