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why does the phone not receive bluetooth signal

possible reason:
1. Bluetooth earphone is not boot pairing status
2. Bluetooth earphone program error
3. The Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is wrong.

1. After the Bluetooth earphone is turned off, press and hold the Bluetooth multi-function button (on/off button) for about 6 seconds until the red and blue lights flash to enter the pairing state.
2. Restore the Bluetooth earphone to factory settings
3. Clear all the pairing information stored in the Bluetooth in the phone, restart the phone and search for Bluetooth again.

1. After the Bluetooth earphone enters the pairing mode, the connection is made within 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the Bluetooth earphone does not match the device and will automatically shut down.
2. When charging, Bluetooth will automatically reset once. After charging, you need to reboot.