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Why without music after connect bluetooth earphone

possible reason:
1. Bluetooth earphone does not support listening to songs
2. Mobile phone Bluetooth setting reason
3. The media horn volume of the mobile phone is adjusted to the mini mum 

1. Compared with the old single-ear Bluetooth earphone, some don't support the song listening function. You can change the mobile phone to detect whether it is available. Both the earphones and the new Bluetooth earphone currently support the songs.
2. Check the Bluetooth settings, the sound path goes to Bluetooth (usually directly display the model, such as U8)
3. Some mobile phones also need to enter the player to set, turn on the Bluetooth function in the player and select the Bluetooth device just connected in the icon of the next headset then click ok.

  This is probably the above, I hope that friends can pay attention when using Bluetooth headset! Avoid Bluetooth headsets connected but not listening to songs.